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The King of Caldisla

No. Affiliation Description

The elderly king who governs Caldisla. Thirty years into his rules, he continues the ways of his line, and desires only peace for his people.

In recent years, the Eternian Sky Knights have raided Caldisla and taken hostages. Now, with Norende swallowed by the Great Chasm, he feels more helpless than ever. He promised to do all he could to help rebuild the village, and put Tiz, its sole survivor, in charge of the reconstruction.

The knight >Heinkel attacked the palace, struck down Owen, and kidnapped the king. Thanks to our quick action, the king was rescued safe and sound. He showed his gratitude by bestowing upon us the airship that we captured from the Sky Knights, to help us aid Agnès in her mission.

We brought Egil to Caldisla to cheer up the Innkeep, who was distraught at the loss of his only son, Owen. The king agreed to let Egil use the castle’s training hall, and awarded him the young soldier’s badge that Owen had treasured. He was also put in charge of rebuilding Norende. Egil got his chance to shine, and the Innkeep got the companionship he needed.