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Khamer VIII

No. Affiliation Description
King of Ancheim

Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII, king of Ancheim, the Land of Sand and Time. After the wind stopped blowing, he forced his people to turn the turbines by hand to secure the power to revive his nation’s industrial sector.

He is obsessed with progress, and has little regard for the old ways. After inheriting the throne from the previous king, Silvaht Angdis Khamer VII, he invested so deeply in industrialisation that his coffers were bled dry. He prides himself on his exactness, calling himself the “Timekeeper King,” but is mocked for his timid nature.

Annoyed that his people still follow Crystalism instead of joining the march of progress, he grew to hate the vestal, who enjoyed popular sentiment without having to earn it. After suggesting she investigate the chasm, he announced she had fled the kingdom. When she returned, he demanded she get the wind blowing again as soon as possible.

Seeing an ominous light at the temple where the vestal had headed, and noting the wind had not returned, the king of Ancheim saw his chance and gleefully addressed his people. However, Agnès appeared and held Tempest’s Braid aloft, and before the crowd’s eyes the wind began to blow again. Vexed and embarrassed, the king confined himself to his chambers.

Prime Minister Harena announced that King Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII of Ancheim had died after a sudden bout of illness. It seems the primer minister will oversee the government for the time being. Unfortunately for the late king, Ancheim now seemed more peaceful than ever…