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Jackal the Thief

No. Affiliation Description
K&P Merchantry

The leader of a band of several dozen cold-hearted thieves that call Harena Ruins home. He is constantly thirsty and irritated.

A 16-year-old boy hailing from Ancheim. His real name is not known. He holds the thief asterisk. He was taken in by thieves as a young boy, gradually rising up the ranks through his accomplished thievery and sheer recklessness.

Likes: Water, isolation
Dislikes: Thirst, reasoning, raw vegetables

Tiz was furious at the Jackal using his misfortune as an excuse to cause harm to others, having lost everything to the Great Chasm himself. The sneering Jackal summoned his bodyguard Khint, and launched an attack. Despite paying Khint a large sum, his muscle left him in the lurch. He went to his death cursing his ill luck.

Amongst his spoils we found an item of interest – orders to attack those who came to draw water at the oasis, signed by Chairman Profiteur. It seems the Merchantry had recruited the thieves so they could maintain the high prices they were charging for water.