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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Humanoid enemies you can face in the game.

No. Name Description
001 Goblin

These denizens of the mountains and forests pose little threat alone, but spell trouble in groups. Their Charge attacks can be somewhat hard to deal with.






007 Orc

These sturdy, pig-faced humanoids can use Thrust for extra power. They are also strategic fighters, using Default at times.

008 Orc Leader

Highly intelligent as far as orcs go, this leader uses Encourage to raise ally P.Atk and Venomous Stab to add a poison effect to his attacks.



011 Sky Dueler

This swordsman of the Eternian Sky Knights uses Prey on Weak to focus on the foe with the lowest percentage of HP left – not a very knight-like attack.

012 Sky Pikeman

A spearman of the Eternian Sky Knights who uses Mow Down to eradicate multiple foes in one sweep of his long spear.

013 Sky Archer

The archers of the Eternian Sky Knights have lower strength and HP than other Sky Knights, but their covering fire with Poison Arrow must not be taken lightly.

014 Merchantry Blade

This swordsman hired by the Merchantry uses Final Strike, a powerful attack that comes last in the action order. Watch out for his Carotid Slash – it lowers M.Def.

015 Merchantry Thug

This brawler in the hire of Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry uses a variety of moves, including Psych Up to raise his own P.Atk and Eye Gouge to rob foes of their sight.

016 Merchantry Mage

This mage in the hire of Khamer & Profiteur is adept in the use of sleep to aid his allies. You must also beware of his powerful Fira spell.

017 Legion Impaler

A spearwoman of the Bloodrose Legion who should not be taken lightly, lest you end up on the receiving end of her Execution. Her short haircut is quite charming.

018 Legion Archer

An archer of the Bloodrose Legion whose Chaos Arrow attack uses poison-tipped arrows that sow confusion. Don’t let the sexy low cut on her dress back distract you!

019 Legion Mage

A mage of the Bloodrose Legion who attacks with Gravity and aids her allies with Silence. Her black outfit is sure to turn heads.

020 Black Blade

A swordsman of the Black Blades armed with a curved blade shining with an eldritch glow. He uses Edge of Madness to sow confusion.

021 Black Pikeman

This spearman of the Black Blades must be attacked with care, for a physical attack on him will be met with a painful Counter.

022 Black Axefighter

An axeman of the Black Blades whose fierce Shell SPlit attack also lowers P.Def.