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Hill Parts Shop

Here you’ll find how long each level takes to unlock by default (using one villager), what parts each shop provides, and what their effects are (although the information the game provides is somewhat limited).

For background information on each of the parts available, you might want to visit the Special Moves section.

Item Cost Effect/Stats.
Level 1: 2hr 00min
Fire Adds a Fire effect.
Fire Res Up
Fire Res Down
Level 2: 3hr 00min
Water Adds a Water effect.
Water Res Up
Water Res Down
Level 3: 5hr 00min
Lightning Adds a Lightning effect.
Lightning Res Up
Lightning Res Down
Level 4: 9hr 00min
Wind Adds a Wind effect.
Wind Res Up
Wind Res Down
Level 5: 15hr 00min
Earth Adds an Earth effect.
Earth Res Up
Earth Res Down
Level 6: 26hr 00min
Speed Up
Speed Down
Level 7: 42hr 00min
Light Adds a Light effect.
Light Res Up
Light Res Down
Level 8: 60hr 00min
Evade Up
Accuracy Down
Level 9: 90hr 00min
Dark Adds a Dark effect.
Dark Res Up
Dark Res Down
Level 10: 99hr 00min
Cure Doom
Doom Res Up
Death Res Up
Level 11: 99hr 00min