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Heinkel the Knight

No. Affiliation Description
Sky Knight Captain

He attacked the palace to force the handover of the wind vestal. After slaying Owen, he kidnapped the king and left.

A 42-year-old man from Hartschild. Named Argent Heinkel, he is holder of the knight asterisk, and head of the Eternian Sky Knights. A commander who is both ferocious and meticulous with detail, he excels at blitz attacks.

Likes: Chivalry, bravery, liquor
Dislikes: Etiquette, celery

We headed to the stronghold of the Eternian Sky Knights at Lontano Villa to rescue the kidnapped king. Heinkel had his underlings keep us busy while he retreated to his docked airship with the king. Why would one with the prowess to best Owen flee from a fight?

As soon as we boarded the airship, it took off. It seems Heinkel planned to lure us aboard and capture us before running to the duchy. He chose this location thinking that even if we prevailed, the airship would crash and kill Agnès. After a tough fight, we emerged victorious. The king was safe, and the airship Eschalot was ours.