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Head Armour

Here you’ll find information regarding all the head armour you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Bronze Helm 40pg A helm of bronze that covers the entire head. It is thick and extremely heavy, which makes it difficult to use except for the stoutest of warriors. P.DEF 2
002 Iron Helm 200pg A helm of iron that covers the entire head. It is thinner and lighter than bronze helms, and includes a nose guard and cheek protectors to better protect the wearer’s face. P.DEF 4; M.DEF 1
003 Mythril Helm 400pg A helm that covers the entire face with a dog mask that can be raised or closed. It was forged from mythril steel plating by a seasoned helm craftsman. It is lighter than helms of other metals and has an impressive form and beautiful ornamentation. P.DEF 5; M.DEF 1
004 Yggdrasil Helm 700pg A helm said to be made from the bark of the legendary Yggdrasil, but the only part that actually contains its bark is the charm that has been affixed inside. It is extremely easy to wear, and popular for the wooden construction that makes it light and readily available to deflect bludgeoning attacks. P.DEF 7; M.DEF 1
005 Orichalcum Helm 1500pg A costly helm covered in ultra-thin sheets of orichalcum, a rare metal mined in Eisenberg. Orichalcum is so hard that even thin sheets make for a helm that is far stronger and lighter than one made of steel. P.DEF 8; M.DEF 2
008 Heike Helm 40000pg A helm favoured by the Heike, a samurai clan from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. After seizing power, the Heike took titles of nobility, alienating other samurai. This resulted in their overthrow by the Genji and their complete obliteration. [Effect when equipped: +Evasion] P.DEF 14; M.DEF 3; Evade 10
010 Leather Cap 15pg A simple hat made by sewing together patches of leather made from tanned animal hides. Though inexpensive and easy to wear, it does not offer much in the way of Defence. P.DEF 1
011 Pointy Hat 20pg A pointy hat made of felt. Its rabbit fur trim provides warmth, but its brimless design leaves something to be desired on rainy days. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack] M.ATK 1; P.DEF 1; M.DEF 1
012 Tricorne 150pg A thick felt hat with a wide brim folded up on the back and sides. It is the favoured headwear of ship captains and pirates. The name tricorne derives from its triangular shape when viewed from above. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack] M.ATK 1; P.DEF 2; M.DEF 2
013 Feather Hat 100pg A fashionable hat made from thick cloth and with a narrow brim for hunting. It is adorned with beautiful feathers, which give it its name. P.DEF 3; M.DEF 1
014 Cat-Ear Hood 222pg A cute hood woven from magic thread and adorned with what look like cat ears on top. It is popular for the way it soothes those who look upon it, regardless of its inherent magic power. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack] M.ATK 2; P.DEF 3; M.DEF 2
015 Tiger Mask 250pg A mask made from a tiger pelt. It makes its wearer uncomfortably warm because it covers the head, face, and neck. Wearers have the inexplicable desire to stand somewhere up high with their arms folded. P.DEF 4; M.DEF 1
016 Laurel Wreath 650 A simple wreath of leaves and branches from the laurel tree woven into a circle. In the Age of Myths, the god of light is said to have worn one on his head. They became a kind of crown for emperors in ancient times, and in recent years, they were awarded to the winners of footraces. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack] M.ATK 2; P.DEF 4; M.DEF 3
017 Mage’s Hat A wide-brimmed hat mainly made of felt and favoured by those who use magic. It is a must-have item among some young female magic users, ranking up there with cat ears. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack, +Intelligence] M.ATK 3; P.DEF 4; M.DEF 3
018 Holy Miter 1000pg A tall hat worn at ceremonies and rituals by clergy of high standing. It features and elegant pattern embroidered with gold and silver thread. While it does not offer much in the way of physical protection, it does boost magic defences. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack, +Mind] M.ATK 3; P.DEF 5; M.DEF 4
019 Lambent Hat 900pg A hat woven from mythril steel thread that has been hammered and stretched to the thinnest it can be. It offers astounding protection for a hat and is also said to have the ability to amplify the power of lightning. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack, +Lightning attack] M.ATK 2; P.DEF 5; M.DEF 3
020 Acorn Hat 600pg An incredibly light cap made by applying countless coats of lacquer to a giant acorn shell and then lining the inside with felt.
021 Headband A headband from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. Though it is made from seemingly ordinary cotton fabric, its wearers find a wondrous courage and strength welling up within whenever they resolve to do something. [Effect when equipped: +Strength] P.DEF 6; M.DEF 1
022 Red Cap 1000pg A rust-red cap worn by demons that strike fear into the hearts of men. The cap itself is a dangerous spirit entity that can inflict great injury. It delights in soaking up the blood of the victims slaughtered by its wearer. [Effect when equipped: +Strength, +Agility] P.DEF 7; M.DEF 2
024 Black Cowl 1200pg A jet-black hood said to have been worn by the ninja, a showy group that originated in the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. [Effect when equipped: +Evasion] P.DEF 8; M.DEF 2; Evade 10