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Fiore the Red Mage

No. Affiliation Description
Bloodrose Legion Leader

Behind his ladies’ man veneer, he has set multiple schemes in motion to ruin Florem’s society based on Crystalist values.

A 38-year-old man of unknown origin. His full name is Fiore DeRosa, and he holds the red mage asterisk. He is slowly but surely corrupting the devout nation of Florem from within with his meticulous schemes.

Likes: Exploitable women, rising to power, fame
Dislikes: Children, stubborn underlings

We followed a suspicious man standing on a dark street corner in Florem to a secret underground lab. There we encountered the red mage DeRosa, a high ranking member of the Eternian forces sent to corrupt Florem. He plotted to capture Agnès and Edea to further his career in Eternia, but we defeated him after a hectic struggle.