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Einheria the Valkyrie

No. Affiliation Description

She leads a force of female soldiers that are suppressing Crystalists in Florem. She was taught by the same master as Edea.

A twenty-eight-year old woman from Eternia. Her name is Einheria Venus, and she holds the valkyrie asterisk. She is a serious, dedicated warrior who believes in the ideals of ANticrystalism. She cares for her sisters deeply, and worries about them a great deal.

Likes: Traditional warriors, collecting old maps
Dislikes: Compromise, snakes

We headed to the hidden village to the north beyond the Witherwood after hearing of widespread suppression of Crystalists. There we were set upon by the valkyrie Einheria. She had lured us into a trap. It seems she and Edea were peers that once treated each other as sisters, but with their ideals now in conflict, battle ensured. She died in indignation…