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No. Affiliation Description
Canary Boy

A canary boy who was taken to the Swordbearers’ stronghold. In a daring move, Tiz rescued him from the enemy’s clutches.

An 8-year-old boy from Hartschild whose parents died protecting Commander Goodman. He has an innocent charm, and is always considerate of those around him. He is fond of the fire vestal, who he claims to have seen in his dreams.

Likes: The fire vestal, fried eggs
Dislikes: Studying

After Egil told us he received a message from the fire vestal in his dreams, Agnès wanted to take him with us, but Tiz objected strongly. Egil reminds him of his brother, who perished when the Great Chasm appeared, and he does not want him put in danger. After promising we’d all protect Egil, we headed into the mythril mines.

In the mythril mines, Egil fell after the ground gave way beneath his feet, and Tiz dove forward to grab him. They were both about to fall into the lava until Agnès’s quick action saved them. The tension we had felt since Florem melted away, and we shared a tender moment.

The owner of the inn at Caldisla was in low spirits after the death of his son Owen. We decided to bring Egil there to cheer him up.

The King of Caldisla gave Egil permission to use the castle’s training hall, and bestowed upon him the young soldier’s badge that Owen once held. He also put him in charge of the reconstruction of Norende Village. In this he hoped to make Egil a capable warrior, and aid both Tiz and the Innkeep at the same time.

After Egil came to live with him, the Innkeep was soon back to his old self. Egil also enjoyed his new life, helping the Innkeep, going to school, and visiting the castle’s training hall every day.