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Edea Lee

The tomboyish daughter of an enemy soldier

Edea is the only child of the Duchy of Eternia’s Grand Marshal. During her first mission for the enemy, this talented warrior is shocked to discover the abominable conduct of the Eternian forces. She turns against her father in disgust, choosing instead to join Tiz and the others on their adventure.

No. Affiliation Description

A beautiful girl who served under the black mage when Caldisla was set alight. Unable to forgive the duchy’s brutality, she switched allegiance to the vestal.

A eighteen-year-old girl hailing from Eternia. On first impression, she appears to be a spoiled princess type. However, while strong-willed and opinionated, she is also kind and filled with a sense of justice. She never shies away from a conflict.

Likes: REALLY sweet things
Dislikes: Cooking, hassle, insects

I accompanied the wind vestal, Agnès to the ruins of Centro Keep. There we encountered Edea, whose rage at the cowardly methods of the Black Mage Ominas Crowe caused her to revolt against him. She told us she would join our cause, and together we defeated the dastardly black mage.

While I got some air, we were boarded by the dark knight, a leader of the Eternian forces, who proceeded to smash the skystone. Tiz was knocked unconscious, and Agnès came close to capture until Edea intervened. It seems the dark knight is a member of the Council of Six that rules over the duchy, and a childhood friend of Edea…

A sullen mood hung over us as we sailed the inner sea. Then, out of nowhere, Edea offered an apology. She told us she knew the arcanist Victoria who murdered the water vestal Olivia, and that she was the daughter of the grand marshal, head of the Council of Six. This shocking revelation only deepened the tension between us.

The hidden village of the Crystalists lay beyond the Witherwood in northern Florem. There, Edea confronted the valkyrie Einheria Venus of the Bloodrose legion. It seems they trained together in their homeland, and were as sisters. But they could no longer see eye to eye, and their differences tore them apart.

Edea used the bravo bikini, which she had for some reason taken from the sage, to entice the red mage Fiore DeRosa! This poorly fitting attire not only caught DeRosa’s attention, it got her kidnapped. After a desperate pursuit, we finally located Edea, and bested DeRosa in battle to put an end to his dark ambitions.

We left the house by the sea, but en route to the Shieldbearer headquarters we encountered Swordmaster Kamiizumi. If Edea had not sensed danger and pushed Agnès to the ground, her life may have been forfeit. The master and his former disciple exchanged heated words, ending only with news that the Swordbearers’ attack has failed…

Swordmaster Kamiizumi awaited us on the top floor of Starkfort, lair of the Swordbearers, which was abuzz with the news of their defeat. He spoke with Edea in quiet tones, recognising her conviction, while ultimately following his own beliefs as well. Upon his defeat, he urged her to speak to her father. She wept as life left his body.