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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Demonkind enemies you can face in the game.

No. Name Description
001 Imp

This mischievous little demon uses black magic to cause all sorts of trouble. It is not much of a threat if it is prevented from using magic.

002 Teufel

This horse-faced little demon serves as a familiar of the Eternian Forces. It uses Thundaga, powerful black magic that can damage all its foes.


004 Succubus

Flying through the air on black wings, this alluring little demon uses Entice to make victims do as she says, which is not always bad if you like that sort of thing.



007 Magician

This mage of the demon world sows chaos with a variety of magic, including Curse to lower P.Atk and P.Def. Also immobilises foes so that his allies can attack.



010 Demon

This warrior demon uses its brawny body as a weapon and terrorises its foes with Wing Slice and Doom.

011 Archdemon

The Eternian Forces use this powerful demon for melee combat. It also uses Fear to fill enemies with dread and Charming Thrust to damage and charm them.