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Demo Bonuses

There are a total of seven bonuses that cain be gained from completing various tasks within the demo. Here is a list of all of them and how to get them.

Name Conditions Items
Gameplay reward
Caldislan Relief Set Played demo version Antidote ×2; Eye Drops ×2; Echo Herbs ×2
Caldislan Adventurer’s Set Norende fully restored Bronze Badge ×1; Phoenix Down ×2
Mid-boss reward
Caldislan Recovery Set Melusine reward Potion ×3; Hi-Potion ×1
Caldislan White Mage’s Set Minotaur reward Staff ×1; Ether ×1
Caldislan Black Mage’s Set Adamant. Shell reward Rod 1; Ether ×1
Boss reward
Caldislan Soldier’s Set Dragon reward Bronze Helm ×1; Leather Armour ×1
Caldislan Knight’s Set Automaton reward Broadsword ×1; Buckler ×1