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Dark Knight


Unlocked when is defeated.


Support Ability

Level Ability Name Description
2 Abate Dark

Reduce damage taken from dark attacks. Note that you will not receive further reduction if this ability is used along with items with similar effects. Dark nullification effects take precedence over reduction effects.

3 Adversity

Attack and defence power rise proportional to damage taken.

5 See You In Hell

When you are KOed, damage all enemies.

7 Helm Lore

Helm rating becomes rank S.

9 Gloom

Increases damage dealt by dark elemental attacks.

12 P.Attack 30% Up

Raise physical attack power by 30%.

Job Command:

Level Ability Name Description
1 Dark Bane

Consumes 20% of max HP to deal heavy dark elemental damage to a single target.

4 Demon Master

Charm a devil-type enemy.

6 Minus Strike

Make an attack that gets stronger as HP gets lower.

8 Black Bane

Consumes 30% of max HP to deal heavy dark elemental damage to all enemies.

10 Absorb Magic

Nullify damage from magic during that turn and restore your MP by the amount of MP used to attack you.

11 Dark Nebula

Consumes 20% max HP to deal dark elemental damage to all allies and enemies.

13 Life or Death

Become KOed in 4 turns; attack power rises.

14 Rage

Consume HP to attack until HP is 1.

Stat Affinities

HP Str Vit MP Int Mnd Dex Agi

Arms Aptitude

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves
Daggers Bows Katana Knuckles

Armour Aptitude

Shields Helms Armour