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Here you’ll find information regarding all the daggers you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Dagger 50gp A common, double-edged dagger. It is one of the most popular self-defence weapons thanks to its light weight, ease of use, and low price. P.ATK 2; Aim 95; Critical 3
002 Mage Masher A miraculous dagger that steals magic, developed to counter the fierce attacks of the Lontano Mage Legion during Caldisla’s ancient war of unification. The method of its making has been lost, but those unearthed on ancient battlefields are being restored and used once more. [Attack: Silence (low)] P.ATK 5; Aim 95; Critical 3
003 Carving Knife 150pg Though it may look like a regular kitchen knife, it is far from it. This single-edged knife is said to have belonged to the masked namahage monster from a festival event of an island nation that vanished centuries ago. P.ATK 6; Aim 95; Critical 3
004 Kukri 350pg A curved knife used by a small tribe that lives in the tropics. Its main uses were originally limited to hunting and foraging, but an arms trader who discovered its bloody potential brought it to Harena as an instrument of war. P.ATK 10; Aim 95; Critical 3
006 Mythril Dagger 700pg A double-edged dagger with a blade forged from mythril steel from Eisenberg. Thanks to its extremely sharp blade, it has the potential to deal damage on par with an iron long sword. P.ATK 15; Aim 95; Critical 3
007 Frenzy Dagger 1200pg A cruelly shaped hunting dagger once used by a barbarian tribe wiped out by the Crystal Orthodoxy. The dagger bears a curse that can place those it cuts into a berserk state. [Attack: Berserk (low)] P.ATK 20; Aim 95; Critical 3
008 Ripper A curiously shaped knife said to have been favoured by a certain maniacal murderer. The irregular shape of its blade allows it to reliably sever the victim’s blood vessels and nerves, resulting in a high probability of a critical hit. P.ATK 23; Aim 95; Critical 20
009 Main-Gauche 3500pg The name of this dagger comes from the term “left hand.” It is used as a secondary weapon in combination with a long sword, the main weapon. It features a large guard and provides a boost to Evasion comparable to equipping a shield. [Effect when equipped: +Evasion] P.ATK 22; Aim 95; Evade 20; Critical 3
010 Orichal Dagger An extremely rare, double edged dagger forged for one month straight by a seasoned blacksmith who used a natural magma-heated smelting furnace to instantly melt orichalcum, a rare metal mined in Eisenberg. Current technology is unable to forge orichalcum weapons any large than a dagger. P.ATK 27; Aim 95; Critical 3
011 Kunai A stealthy weapon from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. It is believed to be a kind of shuriken that was the preferred weapon of a school of ninjas known as the Koga. [Effect when equipped: +Evasion] P.ATK 27; Aim 95; Evade 20; Critical 3