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Unlocked when is defeated.


Support Ability

Level Ability Name Description
2 Steady MP Recover

Restore 30 MP at the end of every turn.

4 Critical MP Recover

Recover 200 MP when HP falls below 20%.

6 Save SM MP

Summon magic costs 25% less MP.

7 Post-Battle MP

Recover 25% of max MP at end of battle.

9 Obliterate

Cause instant death to enemies at least 20 levels lower than the user at the start of battle.

11 Max Summoning

MP cost of summon magic doubles and power is increased by 1.5 times.

12 MP 30% Up

Raise MP by 30%.

14 Experience Up

Gain 1.5 times more EXP from battles.

Job Command:

Level Ability Name Description
1 Invocation Lv.1

3 Invocation Lv.2

5 Invocation Lv.3

8 Invocation Lv.4

10 Invocation Lv.5

13 Invocation Lv.6

Stat Affinities

HP Str Vit MP Int Mnd Dex Agi

Arms Aptitude

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves
Daggers Bows Katana Knuckles

Armour Aptitude

Shields Helms Armour