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Shieldbearer Commander Daniel Goodman

No. Affiliation Description

Leader of the besieged Shieldbearers in war-torn Eisenberg. He cares greatly for his troops and his wife, and is very popular.

A 42-year-old man from Hartschild. Husband of Eleanor, whom he loves dearly. He comes from one of Hartschild’s more distinguished families, and enjoys widespread support from both his subordinates and the general populace due to his gentle and sincere nature.

Likes: His wife’s cooking
Dislikes: Rations, false rumours

Datz took us to the Shieldbearer command post at Eisen Bridge, where we met Commander Daniel Goodman. Sworn to protect the Orthodoxy, he treated the Wind Vestal Agnès with utmost respect. Despite his rank he spoke with humility, and seemed to have a good-natured demeanour. He gave us permission to sojourn in Hartschild, stronghold of the Shieldbearers.

We headed to the Shieldbearers’ command post to report on the toxic mist we had been asked to investigate. We gave the commander the toxic sample the Swordbearers had in storage, and he asked his medical team to use it to create a neutralising agent. However, Agnès wanted it destroyed, and he complied with her wishes – perhaps a surprising choice for a military man.

We told Goodman how we had reached the Temple of Fire through the mythril mine and awakened the Fire Crystal, and that all the mythril was gone as a result. He was not concerned, as this would now hinder the weapon-making of his enemy. He promised to rebuild the temple once the eruptions died down and take in Egil and the boys. His benevolence knows no end.

A chorus of Shieldbearer singers helped us repel battlefield diva Praline, who was causing chaos at the Eisen Bridge front line through her disruptive songs. Commander Goodman was elated at the news. Apparently they later had problems with soldiers who remained charmed, and others that broke into dance, cheered, or started moving in sync with enemy soldiers.

When visiting Commander Goodman’s residence in Hartschild one day, we found the commander at home for once. Apparently he had received an invitation to a banquet from the wind vestal, and had brought two of his officers with him. However, Agnès has sent no such invitation… Before we could act, a servant was murdered, and the front entrance blocked off!

We questioned everyone who remained in the commander’s residence. Nobody was free from suspicion, so the commander calmly suggested we stay together until help arrived. Just then, the Shieldbearer Officer Saranish Steiner died… It seemed he had been poisoned by the tea the commander’s wife had just poured for him.

When Officer Steiner was poisoned it placed suspicion firmly on the commander’s wife, and she was confined to the dungeon below. Then, all of a sudden, the lights in the residence went out, and a scream was heard! Someone had murdered the Shieldbearer Officer Savish Neuer.

The culprit was the Black Blades’ ninja Konoe Kikyo, who had disguised herself as the slain servant! She attempted to take the commander’s life, but we were able to stop her in time. Looking more closely, I realised she was the one who had given me a whack and run away earlier. We prevailed after a frenzied battle.