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Captain Barbarossa

No. Affiliation Description
Black Blades

First mate of the Black Blades. He fought alongside Commander Kamiizumi for years, and his free-spirited personality makes him well-liked.

A 35-year-old man from Caldisla. His name is Hayreddin Barbarossa, holder of the pirate asterisk. Uncommonly strong, he can spin his massive axe around like a windmill.

Likes: Axes, rum, barrels of apples
Dislikes: Poor weather, lulls in the wind, choppy seas

While sailing the Sea of Corsairs, we spotted a suspicious-looking ship surrounded by ominous fog. After boarding it, we found it to be the ghost ship of Captain Barbarossa and his spirit crew, prowling the open seas. Though he is our foe, his hearty laugh and the tale of his quest for adventure made me root for him a little.