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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Bug enemies you can face in the game.

No. Name Description
001 Sand Worm

This monstrous worm of the desert is the bane of all who use physical attacks, for its Sandstorm attack blinds all it strikes.

002 Soil Eater

A gigantic worm that east and fertilises Luxendarc’s soil. Watch out for its Earthquake attack, which strikes all its foes. Your best protection is some way to reduce earth attacks.



005 Great Moth

A giant moth that inhabits swamps and other damp places. Watch out for its Wing Scales attack, which can confuse its foes.

006 Poison Moth

This giant, poisonous moths is the bane of all who visit Florem. Countless parties have been wiped out by its Poison Scales for want of some antidote.


008 Scorpion

A giant scorpion with a hard exoskeleton and large jaws. All who face this nightmare should have measures in place to deal with its deadly Venomous Bite.

009 Killer Scorpion

A deadly scorpion with huge, hammer-like jaws as hard as rock. It uses Pheromone to attract an ally to help it attack those who venture into the forest.

010 Deathstalker

This vicious scorpion hunts its prey in packs, using Pheromone Plus to attract two allies. Try to defeat it before it can summon help.