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Here you’ll find information regarding all the bows you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Iron Bow A simple bow made of iron. It is tightly drawn, but due to its low flex, high Attack cannot be expected unless the user is quite strong. This makes it difficult to use, but it has the potential to deliver a great deal of damage to flying targets. P.ATK 22; Aim 95
002 Mythril Bow 850pg A longbow with a reasonable amount of flex, thanks to the thin plating of Eisenberg mythril steel carefully wrapped around an inner steel frame. It has the potential to deliver a great deal of damage to flying targets. P.ATK 34; Aim 95
003 Composite Bow 1950pg A bow reinforced with a combination of materials that may include animal horn, tendon, bone, and different kinds of wood. This not only strengthens the bow, it raises its flexibility, allowing it to deliver even greater force with each arrow. [Attack: Poison (low)] P.ATK 44; Aim 95
004 Birch Bow A short bow made from wood of the birch tree, said to be the ideal material for bows. Its exquisite flex allows even weak individuals to loose arrows with a great deal of force. The sound of its bowstring is believed to have a warding effect, and it can deal heavy damage to demons. P.ATK 49; Aim 95
005 Aeolian Bow 3600pg A powerful yet flexible bow made from the talons of a giant vulture. It looses gale-force arrows that can deal heavy damage to flying monsters. P.ATK 54; Aim 95
006 Angel’s Bow 3500pg A whimsical bow made of silver and adorned with pink feathers. It offers excellent flex at normal temperatures. It comes with arrows tipped with heart-shaped arrowheads that have a charm effect on targets. [Attack: Charm (low)] P.ATK 56; Aim 95
007 Gale Bow A rare item made from the feathers and strong, flexible tendons of a giant vulture. [Effect when used: Haste] P.ATK 60; Aim 95