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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Boss enemies you can face in the game.

Most of the following can also be found in the People section, where you’ll find more information about them in regards to the story, such as their background, history, what they like or dislike, and what happens when the adventurers encounter them.

No. Name Description
001 Barras

This brawny bearer of the monk’s asterisk uses Invigorate to raise his own P.Atk, but when desperate, he will explode in a rage that damages both friends and foes.

002 Holly

This sexy, sadistic bearer of the white mage’s asterisk uses a variety of white magic such as Cure, Protect, and Aero. I wish I could have met her…

003 Ominas

This petulant pyro and bearer of the black mage’s asterisk is a master of fire, but has other magic as unpleasant as he is, including Sleep, Poison, and Silence.

004 Heinkel

This wily bearer of the knight’s asterisk and master of sword and shield knows when to attack and when to defend, using just the right ability each time.

005 The Jackal

This cocky bearer of the thief’s asterisk will steal your items and use them against you. His high Speed and Evasion make for a bitter battle for the heavily armoured.

006 Chairman Profiteur

Watch out for this greedy bearer of the merchant’s asterisk. He uses Takeover to deal damage equal to the money he spends, ignoring Default defences.

007 Khint

This taciturn bearer of the spell fencer’s asterisk uses the sword magic Fire to enhance his blade and the sword magic Mute to prevent foes from using magic.

008 Khamer

This pompous bearer of the time mage’s asterisk uses the time magic Stop to torment enemies. He can also raise his Evasion with Veilga and attack with Quara.

009 Artemia

This feral bearer of the ranger’s asterisk uses Targeting to zero in on her prey, but when she gets worked up, she will unleash a frenzied attack called Multiburst.

010 Mephilia

This cruel, twisted bearer of the summoner’s asterisk uses Girtablulu, a powerful earth attack that hits all foes, but has a high cost barring repeated use.

011 Einheria

This noble bearer of the valkyrie’s asterisk is a master of the spear. She is adept at surprising foes with Jump and attacking all enemies with Crescent Moon.

012 DeRosa

This philandering bearer of the red mage’s asterisk gets more BP when suffering damage. He boasts a wide variety of moves, such as Captivating Cologne, which charms his foes.

013 Qada

This mad bearer of the salve-maker’s asterisk uses Dark Breath, a terrifying attack born of his compounding skills. The less HP he has, the more damage it will deal.

014 Praline

This bubbly bearer of the performer’s asterisk is a teamwork pro. She uses her singing to dramatically raise her allies’ P.Atk and increase BP, then attack en masse.

015 Barbarossa

This hearty bearer of the pirate’s asterisk is a master of reducing enemy stats. He uses Shell Split to lower P.Def and Defang to lower P.Atk.

016 Kikyo

This bearer of the ninja’s asterisk toys with her foes using Utsusemi, which evades physical attacks, and Transcience, which lets her counter after evading.

017 Kamiizumi

This chilvalrous bearer of the swordmaster’s asterisk is a master of counterattacks. His abilities include Cold Shoulder, in which he strikes back after a magic attack, and Know Thy Enemy, a powerful counter to an attack from the foe he selects.

018 Victoria

This psychopathic bearer of the arcanist’s asterisk has black magic so powerful it’s inhuman. She uses poison together with Exterminate, which damages poisoned foes.

019 Victor

This scholarly bearer of the spiritmaster’s asterisk is a master of healing and support. He uses Fairy’s Aid to enhance elemental attacks as well as powerful white magic including Curada and Holy.





024 Orthos

This legendary beast has one head with the power of Hellfire and another with the power of Deep Freeze, but its biggest threat is Blazzard from both heads.

025 Rusalka

Said to be born of the gathered malice of women who have died by drowning, this enchantress uses Aqua Regia to lower the P.Def of her foes. Able to transform at will, she will sometimes hide in the ground or create mirror images of herself.

026 Chaugmar

This ghastly monster seeks to suck up everything in its path. Its defences are rock-solid while its eye is closed. But when it opens, watch out for its Energy Burst, which does major damage to all its foes.