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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Beast enemies you can face in the game.

No. Name Description
001 Wolf

This ordinary wild wolf is not much of a threat to fully armoured warriors, but those with little or no armour should fear its powerful Bite attack.

002 Zombie Wolf

This wolf corpse risen from the dead as a rabid beast uses the ghastly Self-Cannibalise attack to raise its P.Atk by consuming part of its own body.

003 Silver Wolf

This silver-coated wolf may be a sight to see, but under its stunning coat is the heart of a killer. It will mercilessly devour its prey after delivering a Paralysing Bite.

004 Hellhound

This vicious hound employed by Eternian Forces attacks its victims with Snap, which makes them more likely to be targeted for subsequent attacks.


006 Panther

This unusually long-whiskered creature is hard to hit with physical attacks because it raises its Evasion with Footwork on top of its already swift movement.

007 Catamount

A forest-dwelling puma-like monster that can attack two targets at once with its Dual Attack.

008 Valtora

This tiger-like monster inhabits hot, arid regions. The Chomp attack it delivers with razor-sharp fangs has the potential to kill its prey in a single strike.


010 Ratatoskr

This squirrel-like fairy uses cure. Do not be distracted by its cute looks – defeat it quickly, before it heals its allies.

011 Carbuncle

This strange little creature uses the power of a jewel within its body to perform magic. It supports its allies with powerful white magic, but its Aeroga attack is also dangerous.


013 Cait Sith

This fairy takes the form of a cat and uses blind on its foes, making it the worst nightmare of all who rely on physical attacks. Have some eye drops and blindna on hand!

014 Greater Cait

A cat fairy who turned evil due to human society’s negative influence. It raises its allies’ strength with the power of money, and can hinder magic with silence.

015 White Cait

A cait sith who learned white magic after much grueling study. It has mastered a variety of spells. including those for recovery, aid, and attack.


017 Grizzly

This large, savage, razor-clawed bear uses Salmon Swipe to attack all its foes. It can wipe out your entire party if you are not careful.



020 Minotaur

This bull-headed monster terrorises all who stumble into its dungeon. The destructive power of its Double Damage hammer attack is a serious threat.

021 Minotaur Zombie

A slain minotaur that somebody turned into a zombie. Almost nothing can stop it once it raises its P.Atk with Berserk and goes on a rampage.