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Here you’ll find information regarding all the axes you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Mythril Axe 1200pg A double-bladed axe that a stalwart blacksmith forged from mythril steel mined in Eisenberg. The use of rare and precious mythril necessitated a rather small axe head, but its keen edges can cut through plate armour with ease. P.ATK 22; Aim 85; Critical -3
002 Tomahawk A small axe widely used both for warfare and everyday chores, including hunting and chopping lumber. While it has slightly lower Accuracy and Critical Rate than other weapons, it can easily deliver a heavy blow from its weighty head. P.ATK 30; Aim 85; Critical -3
003 Viking Axe 4800pg An unrefined but practical axe for battles onboard ships. A favourite of pirates, its dual axe heads make it easy to wield, even in chaotic battles. It deals the most damage against aquatic monsters. P.ATK 36; Aim 85; Critical -3
004 Flare Hatchet A small axe imbued with the power of magma. Although it is mentioned in the myths concerning Eisenberg’s founding and images of it can be found graven into ruins through the land, no one has ever laid eyes upon it nor knows the secrets behind its forging. Element Fire; P.ATK 39; Aim 85; Critical -3
005 Cross Axe A sacred axe said to have been wrought through divine guidance to banish evil during the long battle between man and demon that was waged in the dim, distant past. It deals high damage to demonic monsters. P.ATK 41; Aim 85; Critical -3
009 Grinder Axe 39400pg An infamous magic axe said to sow fear among mortals. Its name derives from an ancient parable about tenacity and determination – the story of a block of metal the size of an axe that was crafted and polished into the finest needle. [Attack: Dread (low)] P.ATK 50; Aim 85; Critical -3