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Artemia the Ranger

No. Affiliation Description

A legion member who infiltrated Florem. She is a master archer who enjoys the thrill of battle, and lives to challenge powerful foes.

A seventeen-year-old girl from Eternia. Her name is Artemia Venus, hold of the ranger asterisk. She is the youngest of the Venus sisters, and worships her eldest sister to the point of neglecting all other relationships.

Likes: Einheria, worthy prey
Dislikes: Conversation, relationships, weak foes

In the woods to the east, we encountered Artemia standing before the remains of massive orochi, which has been hung from tree branches. On her sister’s orders, and to satisfy her thirst for the hunt, she was slaying woodland orochi with wanton disregard. It seems she and Edea know each other, but they could not see eye to eye. In the end we had to right her off.