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Unlocked when is defeated.


Support Ability

Level Ability Name Description
2 Black Magic Amp

Black Magic is stronger but costs more MP.

4 Absorb M.Damage

Restores some health when taking magic damage.

6 Save BM MP

Black Magic costs 25% less MP.

8 Zero

Magic deals more damage when final digit of users MP is 0.

9 Convergence

Multi-target spells become single-target but deal more damage.

11 Status Ailment Amp

Status ailments become more potent.

13 Max Black Magic

Black Magic is much stronger but costs much more MP.

Job Command:

Level Ability Name Description
1 Corpse

Casts doom on an enemy.

3 Exterminate

Dark damage to all poisoned enemies/allies.

5 Twilight

Inflicts death on all sleeping enemies/allies.

7 Sacrifice

Increases users magic power.

10 Annihilation

Dark damage to all enemies/allies with low BP.

12 Iniquity

Dark damage to all enemies/allies with high BP.

14 Interment

Dark damage to all enemies.

Stat Affinities

HP Str Vit MP Int Mnd Dex Agi

Arms Aptitude

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves
Daggers Bows Katana Knuckles

Armour Aptitude

Shields Helms Armour