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Alternis the Dark Knight

No. Affiliation Description
Council of Six

A knight encased in jet black armour. One of the Council of Six, and an old friend of Edea. He shattered the skystone on the Eschalot.

A twenty-three-year-old man of unknown origin. His name is Alternis Dim, bearer of the dark knight asterisk. Wearing jet black armour and wielding a dark blade, he is a solemn warrior who takes his duties very seriously.

Likes: Edea, coffee
Dislikes: Desserts, little girls, intellectuals

After sneaking on board the Eschalot, he knocked Tiz unconscious, and tried to take Agnès captive. Edea intervened just in time, and as he was unwilling to fight her, he withdrew. He smashed the skystone before he left, hoping to hinder the vestal. I am curious about his history with Edea.