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No. Affiliation Description

A tiny cryst-fairy who came to guide the vestal in the crystals’ hour of need. She said a miracle would appear before Agnès at the chasm.

A female of unknown age. This self-proclaimed cryst-fairy seems to know much about the crystals and the path the vestal should take. With regard to anything else, however, she tens to act like a precocious, fussy crybaby.

Likes: Crystals, Agnès
Dislikes: Children, Ringabel

As we reached the crystal with vestal garb ready, we found a creature latched onto it. Airy identified it as Orthros, the Bringer of Doom. We defeated the monster, and under Airy’s guidance, Agnès awakened the Wind Crystal and banished the darkness around it to restore its shield. The wind crest on Airy’s brooch lit up.

Upon reaching the Temple of Water, we found the Water Crystal protected by a shield, though darkness was still slowly devouring it. Airy thinks the shield was put in place by the water vestal, Olivia. Though Tiz was eager to find Olivia, Airy said the shield of a vestal could be removed by another vestal, allowing the crystal to be awakened.