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Agnès Oblige

Vestal of the Wind Crystal

Agnès is a courageous 20-year-old girl, and the vestal responsible for the Wind Crystal. When her temple is engulfed in darkness, Agnès finds herself alone for the first time in her life. Guided by a cryst-fairy, called Airy, Agnès sets out on a journey to awaken the crystals and restore light to the world.

No. Affiliation Description
003 The Wind Vestal

Of the Oblige line, she met Airy on a hill above the chasm. She encountered Tiz as foretold after he miraculously escaped death.

A twenty-year-old girl from Ancheim. As a vestal, she has devoted her life to the crystals. She escaped the Temple of Wind after it was overrun by dark forces, and came to investigate the Great Chasm. She has absolutely no sense of direction.

Likes: Sweet treats
Dislikes: Meat, crowds, being lost

I asked to accompany Agnès, who was heading to the ruins of Centro Keep to take on arsonist and Black Mage Ominas Crowe. She grew wary when I spoke of knowing her mission to close the chasm. Her suspicions only increased when I said I wished to meet the girl serving under the black mage. She glared at me as if I had just confessed to some heinous crime…

At Centro Keep, Edea turned on the black mage Ominas and joined us, and thus our journey began. Agnès was still wary, and suspected me of having some ulterior motive. I showed her the writings in my journal to ease her fears, but she only grew more suspicious… This vestal is a tough woman to convince!

After a deadly battle, we managed to defeat the Knight Heinkel, but then the airship began to plummet! Just then I remembered seeing the airship’s name, the Eschalot, in my journal. I found myself familiar with her controls. Taking the helm, I plotted a course for Ancheim, the Land of Sand and Time, and site of the Temple of Wind that Agnès calls home.

We visited the sage of Yulyana Woods to entreat him to make the garb necessary for the Rite of Awakening. After we retrieved the rainbow thread from the cave as requested, the sage worked through the night to complete the vestal garb. He and Agnès spoke until the early hours of the morning.

Agnès held the Tempest’s Braid aloft, and the crowd’s whispers turned to cheers. We slew the creature Orthros, who had latched onto the crystal in the Temple of Wind. Then, at Airy’s bidding, we performed the Rite of Awakening. After returning to Ancheim, Agnès silenced the king’s criticism and addressed the people/ As her speech ended, the wind returned!

The Sacred Flower Festival was about to begin, when the bravo bikini plan the sage and I concocted was ruined by that stick-in-the mud Tiz. “Show them you, as you are” he says… “Why don’t you wear the vestal garb? he says… Though his words brought a smile to Agnès’s face that cast her in a beautiful light, the outcome was most frustrating!

Though Agnès’s speech at the Sacred Flower Festival fell flat with the crows, her words reached Olivia. Agnès was in such a hurry to meet her friend, she did not notice she was being pursued. Reunited at last, Agnès and Olivia shared a joyful embrace. However, a single blast of magic from the arcanist Victoria tore them apart forever…

The water vestal’s demise removed the shield around the Water Crystal, and it fell into the clutches of evil. After a desperate struggle in which we defeated the creature Rusalka, the distraught Agnès awakened the Water Crystal, cleansing the seas of the world.

Tiz put his life in danger to save Egil, but thanks to Agnès’s quick action, no harm came to them. After reaching the Temple of Fire, we defeated the creature that lurked there, and awakened the Fire Crystal.