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Here you’ll find information regarding all the accessories you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Effect
001 Bronze Gauntlets 40pg A piece of bronze armour for protecting the back of the hand all the way up to the upper arm. It is heavy and renders the wrist nearly immobile. P.DEF 2
002 Gauntlets 100pg A piece of glove-shaped metal armour that is worn to protect the hands and fingers. It allows each finger to move individually, allowing for a decent degree of freedom in hand and finger movement. P.DEF 4
003 Thief Gloves Leather gloves worn by thieves. Thin, supple leather allows the fingers to move unhindered. [Effect when equipped: +Chance to steal] P.DEF 3; M.DEF 1
004 Mythril Gloves 200pg Gloves created by fashioning individuals fingers with Eisenberg mythril steel before carefully joining them together. They are light, easy to use, and allow for astonishing mobility. P.DEF 6; M.DEF 1
005 Giant’s Gloves Crude metal gloves made to evoke the powerful image of the legendary giants. They employ a special mechanism to make it easier to produce more power, but their extreme weight and low mobility dramatically reduce dexterity. [Effect when equipped: +Strength, -Dexterity] P.DEF 6; M.DEF 1
008 Heike Gloves 10000pg Gloves of splendour and transcience that are imbued with the malice of tens of thousands of samurai who sank into the sea along with the infant emperor from the land of Wa, a mysterious islandnation that vanished centuries ago. P.DEF 10; M.DEF 2
009 Bronze Bangle 40pg A crude bangle made of bronze and carved with images of mythological creatures. Its incredible weight makes it a weapon of considerable power simply by swinging it around. [Effect when equipped: +HP] HP 30
010 Iron Bangle 75pg A thin bangle that has been polished to a mirror finish. It is engraved with an image of the god of war and death from the myths of the northern lands. [Effect when equipped: +HP] HP 50; M.DEF 1
011 Mythril Bangle 150pg A bangle made of mythril steel forged in Eisenberg. The beautiful ornamentation that covers it makes it quite valuable as a work of art as well. [Effect when equipped: +HP] HP 100; M.DEF 1
013 Power Bracers A leather band that martial artists wear on their wrists. The protrusions on the inner side stimulate power points on the wrist to markedly raise the wearer’s arm strength. [Effect when equipped: +Strength]
017 Amulet An amulet consisting of a mythril ring and orichalcum setting in which various Eisenberg-mined gemstones are mounted. It is said to raise the wearer’s intelligence. [Effect when equipped: +Intelligence]
019 Force Amulets 2500pg A metal armlet carved with the original spell of creation, said to enumerate everything under the sun. No one has yet discovered the type of metal from which it was made. [Effect when equipped: +Mind]
021 Hermes Sandals 5000pg Incredibly light sandals of natural rubber made in the likeness of talaria, the winged footwear said to have been worn in the Age of Myths by the youthful deity who was the messenger of the gods as well as the patron god of thieves, merchants, and sheepherders. [Effect when equipped: +Agility]
023 Artisan Gloves Sturdy gloves made from the wings of a d’gon. They are pliant enough to fit any hand, and are keenly sought after by craftsmen everywhere. [Effect when equipped: +Dexterity]
025 Flame Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Temple of Fire and is carved with the runes for fire and flames. [Effect when equipped: Resist fire] Fire Resist
026 Ice Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Temple of Water and is carved with runes for water and ice. [Effect when equipped: Resist water] Water Resist
027 Thunder Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Orthodoxy’s head temple and is carved with runes for thunder and lightning. [Effect when equipped: Resist lightning] Lightning Resist
028 Wind Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Temple of Wind and is carved with runes for wind and tornadoes. [Effect when equipped: Resist wind] Wind Resist
029 Earth Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Temple of Earth and is carved with the runes for earth and land. [Effect when equipped: Resist earth] Earth Resist
030 Light Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Orthodoxy’s head temple and is carved with the rune for light. [Effect when equipped: Resist light] Light Resist
031 Dark Charm 3000pg A charm bestowed upon devout followers of Crystalism. It was made at the Orthodoxy’s head temple and is carved with the rune for darkness. [Effect when equipped: Resist dark] Dark Resist
032 Mage Shell 300pg A light charm coated on one side with a special ointment. It has been blessed with the white magic spell shell, and helps to block magic when applied to the skin. [Effect when equipped: +Magic defence] M.DEF 10
033 Barrier Shroud A shroud made of a membrane of light contained in a magic vial. It is worn over the body to confer magic resistance. The light membrane can be used over and over. [Effect when equipped: +Magic defence]
035 Star Pendant 500pg A pendant with a star-shaped plate made of silver. It alerts its wearer of the presence of poison by darkening. Some say it can even keep the wearer from being poisoned. [Effect when equipped: Nullify poison] Poison Immunity
036 Silver Glasses 500pg Glasses with a thick, awkward-looking silver frame. The silver in the frame reacts to things that harm vision to warn the wearer of danger. When worn, they protect against blind. [Effect when equipped: Nullify blind] Blind Immunity
037 White Cape 1000pg An extraordinarily thin and beautiful silk-like cape woven from the fibre of echo herbs. To prevent Silence, it simply covers the mouth of its wearer. [Effect when equipped: Nullify silence] Silence Immunity
038 Clothespin 100pg A clothespin-shaped accessory that is unnecessarily extravagant and powerful. It is made from ebony beautifully embellished with silver and fitted with four powerful mythril springs. It is incredibly painful, but incredibly effective at keeping you awake. [Effect when equipped: Nullify sleep] Sleep Immunity
039 Earthing Rod 2000 A cord-wrapped metal pole with a miniature figure of an alraune stuck on the end. This accessory is worn on the belt or another location to prevent paralysis. [Effect when equipped: Nullify paralyse] Paralyse Immunity
040 Peace Ring A ring of polished jade. It is incredibly smooth, and simply rubbing a finger over it is very relaxing. It was originally an aid for household harmony that a sister-in-law would give to an anxious new mother. [Effect when equipped: Nullify confuse] Confuse Immunity
041 Rebuff Ring A locket-type pendant that opens to show the picture inside. This accessory has the most basic of designs, but it is effective in preventing the charm state when a picture of a loved one is kept inside. [Effect when equipped: Nullify charm] Charm Immunity
042 Safety Ring A ring with a thunderbolt trapped inside. If placed in the front left pocket, it will discharge immediately and attempt to restart the owner’s heart if it ever stops due to an enemy attack. [Effect when equipped: Nullify death] Death Immunity
043 Courage Ring This ring is said to have originally been used by nobles to press their seal into wax. It overcomes feelings of dread by reaffirming it wearer’s standing in life. [Effect when equipped: Nullify dread] Dread Immunity
044 Reflect Ring 10000pg A ring carved with a strange relief showing four goddesses screaming in lament. It is said to have a special spell of magic repulsion trapped inside. [Effect when equipped: Reflect at start of battle]
045 Venture Badge 1000pg A badge that encourages a proactive attitude and the resolve to boldly push forward. [Effect when equipped: +Ally Brave attack rate]
046 Smiley Badge 5000pg A badge designed in the form of the perfect ingratiating smile as mastered by a certain court poet. The wearer’s opponent will not take offence at anything that is done. [Effect when equipped: Chance of being targeted stays constant]
047 Gale Hairpin 3000pg A hair accessory believed to have come from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. It is said to have been a favourite of a female champion known for attacking first and asking questions later. [Effect when equipped: +Ally initiative]
048 Normaliser 2000pg A bell that cannot be heard by human ears. To creatures that can hear it, it sounds like a kitten mewing for its mother. It is said to have the power to soothe the savage beast. [Effect when equipped: -Enemy Brave attack rate]
049 Red Muleta 5000pg A handkerchief made to look like the red cape a famous bullfighter once waved to provoke the bulls he fought. Simply waving this at opponents will make them so angry, they will attack despite themselves. [Effect when equipped: Increased chance of being targeted]
050 Alarm Earrings 5000pg Earrings that vibrate whenever they detect someone nearby with the intent to attack. They are believed to have been designed by a swordmaster who lived long ago. [Effect when equipped: -Enemy initiative
051 Taunt Bangle 3000pg A bangle that the Orthodoxy once bestowed upon the most devout clerics in training. THe wearer’s party will be more likely to encounter groups of monsters. [Effect when equipped: +Encounter rate]