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Welcome to the Tabletop Games section of Shianra. This section is split into four main parts – Game Tales, Pathfinder, Resources, and World Building. Each of those main parts is split up further and you can jump to any of those parts that you want by using the sidebar to the right.

Game Tales

We usually make up our own worlds (or at least use heavily modified existing ones) when playing our role-playing games. Often, we’ll end up typing up a whole bunch of information about these worlds, drawing maps, as well as writing recounts of our adventures in them . This is where all of that stuff is kept.

The Legend of Rendar

In the southern half of the continent of Marikdom, one man sets out on a quest to gather followers in his own name and ends up on an epic quest that may decide the fate of the world.

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The Tale of Katerina

With the death of her father, Katerina, the daughter thought to have died decades ago, re-enters her home-town under the guise of being her father’s niece and has to decide where her life will take her from here on in the dangerous country of Ustalav.

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It’s not the most amazing system out there, but Pathfinder is still fun to play. As a result of the huge number of hours we’ve spent on it, we have ended up writing some (hopefully) helpful guides to using this system to its full extent, and some information on the lands in the Pathfinder world of Golarion.

Pathfinder character creation outline

Part one: An idea and a race
Part one starts with coming up with an idea for our character and a detailed look at the options for their race.
Part two: A class
Part two continues with a look at all the classes available and finding a class to match our idea for a character.
Part three: Ability Scores
Part three continues with a look at the six ability scores and how they affect our character in and out of combat.
Part four: Skills
Part four continues with a look at the various skills and how they can be used both in and out of combat.
Part five: Traits and drawbacks
Part five continues with a look at traits and drawbacks – lovely bite-size pieces of flavour we give our character.
Part six: Equipment and hit points
Part six continues with a look at buying starting equipment and determining our starting hit points (HP).

Pathfinder explained

Commonly used terms
As an accompaniment to my Pathfinder Character Creation outline, here is a list and explanation of the most commonly used terms in the Pathfinder RPG.
A favoured class
As an accompaniment to my Pathfinder Character Creation outline, here we cover choosing a favoured class and favoured class options in the Pathfinder RPG.

Pathfinder Worlds

Lost Cities: Nal-Vashkin and the Sun Temple Colony
Far across the Arcadian Ocean, the shattered remains of Azlant ascend from the sea like drowning skeletons. Beyond a maze of jagged cliffs and a bleached bone-yard of wave-ravaged shipwrecks, the decayed remains of the sacred city of Nal-Vashkin rise high above the water, its churches and spires still resonating with perversions of divine glory.
People of the Inner Sea: The Azlanti
The Azlanti are an ancient race that inhabited Golarion for many thousands of years and are now widely believed to be extinct. In the past, however, the empire of Azlant was the first, and arguably the greatest, of humanity’s civilizations, spanning an entire continent situated to the east of Arcadia and the west of both Avistan and Garund.
The fate of Castle Arudora and other legends
Woe to those in whose veins flows the blood of Bastardhall, for every drop is a sanguine link in immortal bindings neither age nor anguish must ever be allowed to rust.
Ustalav: A fog-shrouded land of gothic horror
Cursed with a history of tragedy and faded glory, the Immortal Principality of Ustalav clings to its legendary past even as it struggles to forget centuries of horrors. From the fog-shrouded cliffs of Lake Encarthan to the tangled maze of the Shudderwood, the fractious nation bears an infamous reputation as a place of birth and rebirth for tyrants.


Sometimes, when we try to find a tool for doing something, we can’t find one. Sometimes we end up making that tool ourselves.

D&D 5e

Point Buy Calculator
This Point-Buy Calculator includes Point Cost, Racial Bonuses, Total Ability Score and resulting Modifiers, Total Cost, and a summary of all Traits.


Point Buy Calculator
This simple Point-Buy Calculator helps calculate Player Character Attributes for the Fantasy Craft Role-playing Game.

Sword World 2.0

Character Sheet
This is a work-in-progress Character Sheet for the Sword World 2.0 (ソード・ワールド2.0) Role-playing Game.

World Building

We like world building and so, we do quite a bit of it. Sometimes we even write about it.


World building in ten simple steps
World building doesn’t have to start with a map and with that in mind, here’s a short list to get the main elements covered so we can get to playing sooner.
The Medieval period in role-playing games
Some useful resources to assist in creating more realistic Medieval period/Middle Ages role-playing game kingdoms, settlements, or characters.

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